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The Elephant Retirement Park Phuket

About Us

THE ELEPHANT RETIREMENT PARK PHUKET is the brainchild of Mr. Adulwit Khamya, a wonderful & caring gentlemen better known as Khun Noi, together with a partnership of 2 likeminded stakeholders, each immensely concerned with the protection and welfare of elephants within the Phuket region.

The Elephant Retirement Park Phuket is the sister park of the Elephant Retirement Park Chiang Mai, also founded by Noi in 2014, and a very popular attraction and successful model in elephant welfare.

It is Noi’s dream to create a number of Elephant Retirement Parks across Thailand all dedicated to helping protect and look after retired and rescued elephants.

Founded by Mr. Adulwit Khamya (Khun Noi)

Experienced team managing wildlife sanctuaries in Thailand

Protect and look after retired and rescued elephants

Caring Wildlife Sanctuary

THE SOLE PURPOSE of the Elephant Retirement Park Phuket is to promote the well being of retired & rescued elephants and provide a sustainable habitat for the elephants to live in a safe and natural environment, free from profiteering and neglect, where they are free to play, swim, forage, explore and communicate with the other elephants in their natural surroundings.

At the Elephant Retirement Park Phuket, the elephant family units are never separated and natural herbal medicines are used to keep the animals healthy and enjoying a high quality of life. The Elephant Retirement Park Phuket is proud of its strict policy towards the treatment of its elephants. There is absolutely no riding, chaining or beating of any kind.

Visitors and volunteers to the park can expect an enjoyable and rewarding experience working with the local Mahout people to care for these majestic symbols of strength and peace.

Sustainable habitat for elephants to live in a safe and natural environment

Absolutely no abuse, riding, chaining or beating!

Come and experience a rewarding & enjoyable time with the beautiful elephants

About Us
Private VIP Elephant Care

Stop Elephant Abuse in Thailand

LONDON-BASED WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION released a Recent Report that looked at almost 3,000 elephants working at entertainment venues in six Asian nations and found three out of four of the animals are living in poor and unacceptable conditions. With Thailand having by far the highest number of elephants used in tourism, it cited being chained day and night when not working, receiving inadequate diets and unsatisfactory veterinary care, as well as undergoing harsh initial training, “that breaks their spirits and makes them submissive enough to give rides and perform” as key abuse factors.

In the eye-opening documentary, An Elephant Never Forgets, comedian Joe Keogh illustrates the uncomfortable but sad truth covering up the cruelties of Thailand’s elephant trade and the living and working conditions of captive elephants in Thailand as each year, millions of tourists flock to Thailand in the hopes of interacting with Asian elephants.

The Elephant Retirement Park Phuket & other similar wildlife sanctuaries actively work to rescue elephants from the abusive entertainment industry where elephants are used for profit in elephant trekking tours, painting shows, and street begging.

3 out of 4 elephants living in unacceptable conditions

Elephants are abused when used for riding, painting shows and street begging

Please help support the Elephant Retirement Park Phuket and stop elephant abuse in Thailand

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The Elephant Retirement Park Phuket is home to a number of beautiful elephants. Get to know who they are, where they came from, and how they transformed into sanctuary life. 

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About Us

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